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London-born Elna Wright is in the medical profession, but her own state of mind is far from healthy. Emotionally adrift following a disastrous marriage, she finds her heart drawn unexpectedly towards her closest friend and forges what she believes to be an indestructible

Then Elna meets Harry, a gruff Texan intent on ruining her future, but her subsequent emotional chaos triggers dreams so bizarre that she feels empowered to intercept Harry’s destructive violence. Further help also arrives from an unlikely quarter, but by now more lives are
caught up in the delicately wrought filigree of spiritual meltdown, and the thin veil that separates the living from the dead is finally torn asunder.

Crafted with an eye for the female psyche’s mystical element, Filigree speaks to the intricate and uncanny in each of us. Delving into the surreal world of dreams and visions, the author has delivered a fascinating read.


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