The Trapping Of Charley Butters

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Her parents refused to accept her as a girl. When this creates sexual orientation difficulties for Charley Butters, she takes the course of action most natural to her. Then she meets Freda Haupt.

Freda isn't sure what she is, but she knows what she'd like to be. She agrees to blackmail James Miles into seducing her.

James knows exactly what his preference is, but submitting to Freda's demands will banish him forever from the woman he loves, Anita Esdon.

Anita's past is so dubious she sees little chance of ever landing a decent guy like James. But she'll try anyway.

Enter Mary, the love of everyone's life, who agrees to take on James' problem and handle Charley - but only on her terms.

In an intriguing tale of love and hate, joy and despair, the author puts us in touch with conflicting motives and charming personalities, with characters both reprobate and lovable, casting his own spell as the story moves to include all who dare to get involved with Charley Butters.

The Trapping Of Charley Butters

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