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While enjoying writing autobiographical novels, fiction or fantasy, John’s titles also include a critique of prophetic literature, a treatise on culpability and a commentary on Revelation.

Two of his novels dealing with espionage and terrorism caught the attention of award-winning British movie director John Walsh, who claims that The Jerusalem Deal, with its large sweeping locations, sets the blue-print for a potentially blockbuster film.

"All of the ingredients are here," says Walsh. "As with the novels of John Grisham and Michael Crichton, theJohn Allen plotting is intricate and provocative enough to engage an audience on a grand scale. Allen's style has been likened to U.S. writer Frank Peretti, and will certainly give me the ammunition I need to bring this explosive novel to the screen."

This well-known director also signed the author up for a second movie deal with Cultfilm, saying that "although his nearest comparisons are Stephen King and Clive Barker, John Allen is becoming an unquantifiable commodity, threatening to create his own genre..." (read more below)

He has recently completed The Carpentier Trilogy, set in the 1870's and dealing with Maximilienne and Emilie Carpentier, cousins who inherit an island in the equatorial Atlantic. However, drawn time and again to fantasy, John has published two books, Hipper Crit and Esidarap, both with universally enduring themes and ideal for adults and children alike.

His autobiographical novels contain much food for thought on the perennial problems surrounding marriage and divorce, and he writes of both with firsthand knowledge and a good deal of humor. His personal account of life in South Africa during the apartheid era will surprise many with its wealth of intimate detail, and contains surprising revelations about what the international media didn’t report. It also turns the spotlight on other countries where apartheid is practiced but never labeled. 

British-born John and his French wife Colette live in France, where he continues his writing.


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